Ernakulam: In a bizarre incident, a Kerala photographer ended up saving a man’s life who was presumed to be dead, when he went to click the pictures of the corpse’s body. The incident happened on Sunday when Tomy Thomas, an Ernakulam-based photographer, was called by cops to click images of a deceased person as part of preparing the inquest report. Also Read - Kashmir Photographer Masrat Zahra Wins IWMF's 'Courage In Photojournalism Award'

However, something strange happened when Tomy was about to take photographs. He heard a low sound emanating from the body and realised that he is not dead after all. Shocked and startled, he instantly informed the police who inspected the body.

“Since the light in the room was not adequate to click photos, I leaned over the man to turn on the light switch which was on the wall right next to where he was lying. It was then that I heard a feeble voice,” Tomy told The News Minute.

“A shiver ran down my spine as it hit me that the man was actually alive,” he added.

Once the cops found that the man is alive and breathing, he was sent to the intensive care unit of a hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

Notably, the man named Sivadasan had hit his head and fallen to the floor, following which onlookers found him in an unconscious state and thought that he is dead. However, he managed to survive the blow and if not for the photographer, his last rites would have been performed by now.

Meanwhile, Tomy who has never experienced anything like this in his photography career is still reeling from the shock.