Coronavirus is being sold out in one of the shops in Kolkata. Yes, it is true! The virus has a sweet avatar. A famous Bengali sweet shop chain in Kolkata has come up with its new offerings Corona Sandesh and Corona Cake to spread awareness about the deadly COVID-19 disease declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. Also Read - Lockdown 4.0: This State Allows Taxis And Auto-rickshaws in Red Zones From Today

The Sandesh and cake, both shaped like the novel coronavirus – which looks ugly, are prominently displayed alongside other sweets in the retail chain’s outlets. However, there is one important difference. The shop owner is giving it for free to every customer. “Corona Sandesh is not for sale. We are handing it out to all our customers for free as part of our social duty to make people aware of the dangerous viral infection,” said an official of Hindustan Sweets at its headquarters in south Kolkata’s Jadavpur. Also Read - Virtual Rallies, Conferences: This is How BJP Plans to Celebrate First Anniversary of Modi Govt 2.0

“We will make the Sandesh every day and distribute it free,” the official said. Proprietor Rabin Pal said on the packet will be printed the dos and don’ts for preventing the disease. “We are hopeful that if people meticulously follow the directives on dos and don’ts being given to them by the authorities, then the world will be corona free one day,” he said. Also Read - On First Day of Last Week of Lockdown 4.0, India Reopens Its Skies; Highest Single-Day Spike of 6,977 Recorded | 10 Points

The sweet shop chain is known for its tradition of producing sweets christened after big happenings. During the India-Bangladesh pink-ball Test at the Eden Gardens last November, the chain’s Pink Ball Sandesh had sold like hotcakes. But this time the chain has been guided not by any profit motive, but by a desire to spread consciousness about the raging infection which has claimed more than a hundred lives in India, and over 70,000 globally.

India is under complete lockdown since March 25 for 21 days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked citizens to stay indoors to control the pandemic.