New Delhi: In the much-anticipated seventh address to the nation, PM Narendra Modi urged citizens of the country to be cautious amid the pandemic, especially with the onset of the festive season.Also Read - Government Working to Ensure Every Citizen Gets COVID-19 Vaccine: PM Modi in Address to Nation

”This is not the time to be complacent and let our guards down. The government is ensuring that whenever a vaccine comes, it reaches every citizen,” PM Modi said in his address, adding that people need to continue to adhere to the COVID-19 norms and ensure safety protocols.

Meanwhile, what caught the attention of Twitterati was that Bharatiya Janata Party’s official YouTube channel quietly turned off the ‘Dislike button’ after the video amassed around 4.5k dislikes within minutes.

Comments were also turned off, perhaps because the BJP anticipated backlash, like on previous occasions.

Notably, the trend started in August after PM Modi’s monthly radio address, Mann ki Baat got a record number of dislikes on the YouTube channel of the BJP amid outrage over over JEE, NEET exams. After the episode aired, many disappointed students people asked the PM why he had not addressed the exam postponement issue and instead talked about other trivial issues.

From there on, the ‘dislike’ trend caught on and does not appear to be showing any signs of ending. Many videos on the BJP YouTube channel saw the same fate, getting a record number of dislikes.

However, the BJP had dismissed the fiasco as an ‘opposition conspiracy’ claiming that only a fraction of those hitting the ‘dislike’ button are from India.