New Delhi: Global streaming giant Netflix has nothing to do with Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019. But it had to intervene on Friday as social media users on Twitter started claiming that one can get free Netflix subscription by giving a missed call to 8866288662. The number, meanwhile, is a toll-free one launched by the BJP to garner support for the amendments to act which will grant Indian citizenship to Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Jain, Parsi fleeing religious persecution in neighbouring countries. Also Read - Ministers Urge to Give Missed Calls Supporting CAA; People Share Screenshot on Twitter

In this quagmire, Netflix intervened and cleared the confusion that there is no such thing as free Netflix unless you have a generous friend who shares the password with you. Also Read - Netflix, Tinder & Tencent: The Apps On Which People Spent the Most Money Over the Last Decade

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However, no one intervened to clear the ‘mess’ that Twitter became when people started spoofing the number for various other reasons like hot chat, sex chat, Rs 15 lakh in the bank account, getting masjid back etc., etc.

On January 3, the BJP released the toll-free number. It went viral on January 4 as several ministers shared the number on social media urging people to show their support. “This campaign is aimed to do away with misgivings about the CAA. People can give a missed call to toll-free number 8866288662 and extend their support to the new law,” said BJP leader Anil Jain.

Support or no support, the number became a rage on Twitter drawing several reactions from social media users.

Some Twitter users even claimed to have lost their phone and urged people to call 8866288662 so that they can locate their phone.