A day after Thanksgiving is referred as Black Friday and many wonder why. The day generally denotes a day of a sale, amazing offers and discounts. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, the next day is called Black Friday. The term was originated in Philadelphia where the word was used to describe heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic that would occur just a day after Thanksgiving.Also Read - Thanksgiving 2019: Best WhatsApp Messages, Facebook Quotes, GIFs to Wish Your Loved Ones

As per the history goes, Black Friday was first used in the New York Times in an article in 1870 that referred to the day the gold market collapsed. It was in 1960s Philadelphia, that the term started getting associated with shopping the day after Thanksgiving Day. Police started calling the day as Black Friday because they had to deal with traffic jams and other miseries connected to the hordes of people shopping after the national holiday. Eventually, retailers saw the silver lining and gave it the meaning as the day when their books went from red ink to black. Also Read - Watch: Commuters Enjoy Thanksgiving Feast Inside Moving Train in New York, Video Goes Viral

Around the world, e-retailers and big brands offer heavy discounts and sales on the products. Since the retail industry has become more competitive there have been more spin-offs on the days of the week and even an attempt to cash in on Thanksgiving Day as well calling it Gray, Brown or Black Thursday has been made.

Cyber Monday was introduced in 2005, a day when online retailers offered big discounts to holiday shoppers. In 2010, Small Business Saturday was introduced by American Express to encourage people to shop with their Amex cards the day after Black Friday.