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You know you love bananas and why wouldn’t you, it’s a no non-sense fruit, right? You peel and enjoy the firm yet squishy fruit that replenishes your strength. Athletes love bananas and you will often see bananas being munched during sporting events but what if you were too lazy to get off your butt while that banana slowly tuned as black as charcoal? Also Read - Dangers of Having Banana And Milk Together

Do you throw it out or can you make it edible again? Sure, it’s still edible but the mulch is too disgusting a sight for anyone to eat out of choice. Well, the answer to prolong the life of your banana is here. All you need is a zip-lock bag, about half a kilogram of uncooked rice and a hair dryer. Also Read - Purple Mango: Use, Health Benefits, And Why It's The World's Costliest Mango

Yes, that’s it. So how do you actually cure that zombie banana to something that is decent looking, appealing too? You put the banana in the zip-lock bag with the rice and let the grains of rice absorb the moisture out of the banana. You don’t need to bury the banana in the rice but make sure it’s sitting well with each other. You know what, just the click the play button on the video below and learn how to do it in two minutes.