Breaking stereotypes around menstruation, RIO heavy flow pads by Nobel Hygiene is all set to change the face of Indian advertising after it launched an ad showing ‘period blood’ as red instead of blue.Also Read - World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020: Importance of Theme 'Periods in Pandemic'

As women, we all are aware of how with TV ads and commercials for sanitary napkins always depict menstrual flow with ‘blue liquid’ as a way of discreetly depicting blood. However, RIO has challenged this misleading practice and has become the first product in the country to show red blood in its ads.

Starring actress Radhika Apte, these ads show the capacity of the product to handle a heavy flow, a problem that affects almost 25 per cent women in India and requires them to change their pads every 2 hours. The ad also talks about the issues that women go through during periods.

Ever since the ad was launched, it has been lauded for breaking the norms and depicting periods in its truest sense. Watch it here:

Actress Radhika Apte, brand ambassador for RIO pads said, “I have said this earlier, and I will say it again. I do not see the issue of showing actual blood. Blood in a fight sequence in a film is fine but not for periods? Why can’t we just show what heavy flow is really like? Why can’t we show blood?”

”If this ad can start even a single conversation, then that is a win for all the unheard voices. If we can remove even an iota of stigma around periods via this ad and encourage people to accept it as a normal and natural phenomenon then it will be a big win for us all. Period,” she added.

(With IANS inputs)