Every second person in the world would know some story about a dog’s kindness. Ask any dog owner and you would know just how much caring, loving and totally amazing this animal is. The latest story of a dog that’s currently going viral shows the level of sensitivity dogs have. A human being thinks 100 times before helping a person in need but not this dog who tried to help a beached dolphin and his blindness didn’t come in his way. Also Read - RIP, Dutch! Indian Army Pays Tribute to Their Brave Service Dog, Twitterati go Emotional - Viral Pics

As per a report, an 11-year-old blind pit bull-Shar-Pei named Ollie found a dead dolphin washed up on the Rockaway Beach in the US. While the owner of the dog realised that it’s a mere carcass and it’s too late to help the dolphin, the dog kept trying to help the fish after sensing that it was in trouble. The owner named Frankie Gonzalez revealed that his dog is very sensitive and there’s ‘something innate in his character’. He added that Ollie kept trying to get as close as he could to the dolphin carcass wanting the fish to move. Also Read - Naughty Dog Pretends to Faint When Woman Tries to Cut His Nails in Viral Video

The New York Post quoted Gonzalez saying, “It (the dolphin) had marks on its back like it was hit by a boat or something. Immediately, Ollie as if drawn by some ancient mammalian kinship tried to get as close as he could to the expired cetacean. He’s a very special dog, and he’s very sensitive. I think there’s something innate in his character.” Also Read - Viral Video: Family of 7 Riding Bike With Pet Dogs And Hen Cracks Up Twitterati

He further revealed that he had adopted Ollie three years back and found out that he was suffering from many health problems. He said Ollie was suffering from glaucoma that led to both of his eyes being removed. He added that his dog is quite popular on the beach. Ollie loves water and spends a lot of time around the beach. That’s the reason people have lovingly started calling him the ‘beach dog.’

Dogs are the only creatures on this planet who are going to heaven!