America’s aircraft manufacturer Boeing has grounded around 500 ‘737 Max planes’ in Renton Factory in Washington State. Due to this, there is an insufficient space to park the planes and therefore some of the ground has to be taken from Boeing’s employee parking lots. An aerial picture of a parking lot is going viral which shows a plane parked among people’s everyday commuter cars. Twitter user @Airplane_pic took to the site to share how it looks. He writes, “Historical moment in Aviation history! Aerial images show the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft parked in the staff car park because there is no more capacity left at the airport.”Also Read - How The 'Heroic' United Airlines Pilots Safely Landed Boeing Plane After Its Engine Burst Into Flames

Boeing had to pause the deliveries of its 737 Max passenger jets after two deadly crashes involving 737 Max 8 aircrafts led to countries across the world grounding the jet series. According to the reports, a faulty computer system was identified as a factor behind the two crashes, which killed 346 people. The computer system was reported to send the aircraft into a dive after getting incorrect data that the plane was pointed too high, or was about to stall. Also Read - IAF Soon to Get F-15EX Fighter Jet as Boeing Gets US Government's Approval to Offer it to India

Take a look:

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Also, watch this video taken in a birds-eye view of the grounded Boeing 737 MAX planes parked at the aerospace giant’s Renton factory and at Boeing Field. The company is working on a fix to a safety system that’s blamed in two deadly crashes before the FAA approves the MAX for flight again.

Footage shown by news station KING-TV gives viewers a glimpse of a number of Tui aircraft parked alongside cars at the company’s Renton facility in Washington, US.