Noida: As the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has created a gloomy situation in the country and filled everyone’s social media feed with sad news all around, all we hope for now is some positive news to bring little joy. And, this story of a friend driving 1,400 km to save a friend’s life is will definitely bring a smile on your face. A 38-year-old man from Jharkhand’s Bokaro drove 1,400 km through three states in 24 hours with a filled oxygen cylinder to save his COVID positive friend’s life who wasn’t able to get oxygen support in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida.Also Read - From Cryptocurrency to How to Make Oxygen and Banana Bread: India Searched This on Internet in 2021 | Video

The Bokaro man, Devendra, who is a school teacher by profession set out for Noida in his car around 1.30 pm on Sunday after he heard that the parents of his friend Ranjan Aggarwal, who works in an IT firm in Delhi, were not able to find oxygen support and were turned away by everyone. Also Read - Ensure No Gap in Oxygen Supply: With Omicron Cases Rising, States, UTs Asked to Stay Prepared to Deal With Emergency

According to a TOI report, Devendra said that it was not easy to find an oxygen cylinder in Bokaro, even after he visited several oxygen plants and suppliers in the steel city. He said that he was also turned away by all saying he would have to provide an empty cylinder and only then they will be able to refill it for him. Later, in one last attempt, he reached out to the operator of Jharkhand Steel Oxygen Plant in the Balidih industrial area, following which, a technician agreed to give him a full oxygen cylinder against a security deposit. Also Read - Andhra Becomes First State to Admit Some of its COVID-19 Patients Died Due to Oxygen Shortage

Devendra said that he had to pay total Rs 10,400, for the filled oxygen cylinder, and only then he began his long journey to Noida. He further stated that he was stopped twice by the police, once in Bihar and again while entering Uttar Pradesh, however, he was allowed to go ahead after he explained his friend’s plight. He reached Noida on Monday afternoon, which helped his friend Ranjan recover from his critical condition.

Speaking to TOI about his friend’s condition, Devendra said over phone, “My friend is stable now. I will stay in Noida till he recovers fully.”