As countries employ work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have been staying in contact with their employees through use of advanced online tools like Microsoft Teams. The tool allows people to connect through group chats and video conferencing and makes coordination easy. However, for a person who is not tech savvy it can turn out to be a bit challenging or it can go viral, as one lady in the US found out. Also Read - Coronavirus Crisis: Wimbledon Cancelled For First Time Since World War II

Lizet Ocampo, who is a political director at the People For the American Way (PFAW), an organisation founded to fight right-wing extremism and build a democratic society, might not have started her day with the thought of going viral, but after a meeting with her colleagues that’s exactly what happened. Also Read - Andhra Pradesh Cops Take Yamraj's Help in Spreading Awareness About Coronavirus Pandemic

Ocampo was conducting an online meeting with her office colleagues through Microsoft Teams when she accidentally switched on the Snapchat filter and turned herself into a potato. The problem arose when she was unable to find the button that turned off the feature and had to conduct the whole meeting looking like a potato. Also Read - Netizens Applaud Backstreet Boys as They Sing 'I Want it That Way’ From Their Own Homes

The whole incident was captured by her colleague Rachele Clegg, who shared a screenshot of it on her Twitter page.

After sharing it, the post went viral and many commented on it with Clegg, herself, writing, “The good news is that my boss, Lizet Ocampo, will not be sacking me tomorrow. We hashed it all out tonight and our team is still laughing with you all. STAY PLANTED AT HOME & welcome my potato boss @mlizetocampo to the twitterverse @billieeilish”

Ocampo good naturedly replied, “I yam potato boss. You should see me in a crown, right @billieeilish? I yam glad this is making folks laugh at this time. Please stay planted at home and safe! For more needed laughs, follow my favorite comedian @cristela9. Potate out. #HASHtag #PotatoBoss”

The tweet has so far garnered 206.9k retweets and 891.4k likes, and many are joining in the fun with some wanting to know how they can turn it on.

This could not have come at a better time and most are thankful to Ocampo and Clegg for the laughter it provided them.