Novel coronavirus reportedly originated from China from the Hubei province and soon spread to 200 countries and affected millions of people and many lost their life to the pandemic. Now, it seems like people are not angry at the virus but everything that is Chinese. Yes, you heard us right! The anger is brewing up on social media against China and every Chinese product for introducing virus to the world. Also Read - Pornhub Records 95% Spike in Indian Users Amid Coronavirus Lockdown, Despite Being Banned

With more than half the world forced into quarantine and many countries being into lockdown to fight COVID-19 and absolutely no fresh cases in China anymore, people are angry on them for not containing the virus in the initial stage and also for opening their slaughter markets when the whole world is fighting the pandemic. Also Read - Nick Kyrgios Offers to Deliver Food to Hungry People Amid Coronavirus Lockdown, Says 'Don't go to Sleep With an Empty Stomach'

Hashtags such as #MakeChinaPay and #ChinaLiedPeopleDied are trending on Twitter. In India, the hatred over China are rising with each day. Trends such as #BoycottTikTok and #BoycottChineseProducts were also the top trends. Tik Tok being a companion to many Indians during quarantine, is being called out for Boycott. Also Read - Coronavirus Lockdown May Not End on April 14 in UP; CM Announces COVID-Care Fund

One user tweeted, “Yeah, it will be the best option to take revenge on China. Let’s #boycotttiktok  #BoycottChina.”

Another tweeted, “No More Use of Chinese Products. 1st Step… Many More to Go.. #BoycottChina #DeleteTikTok #IndiaVsCorona.”

Check out the reactions here:

TikTok is one of the fastest growing apps and has 800 million users across the world and at least half of them belong to India. As per the latest study, Indians spend 52 minutes a day on TikTok.

The coronavirus has affected 13 lakh people across the world and death toll has crossed over 70,000 around the globe. In India, 4,426 people have been affected and death toll has risen to 114.