Pune: To send across a strong message on gender equality, a few college boys from Pune showed up on the annual tradition day wearing sarees, stunning everyone. Also Read - Step Towards Gender Equality! Punjab Government Now Allows Women To Sing Inside Golden Temple

As per a report by India Today, 3 male students of Fergusson College, Pune, dressed up in sarees for their annual ‘Tie and Saree day’ celebration. Also Read - Akshay Kumar's Statements on Gender Equality And Male-Dominated Careers Are Important

The 3 students, Akash Pawar, Sumit Honwadajkar and Rushikesh Sanap, asserted that their move was a mark of respect for womanhood and told India Today, “It is not written anywhere that boys should dress in boys attire and only girls should wear saree or other costumes like salwar, skirts, etc. So it struck to my mind, that why not wear a saree and have the experience of dressing up in one.” Also Read - Vibha Bakshi's next "Son Rise" talks about gender equality

Akash shared how they had to face difficulty in arranging the sarees, and then draping it. Thankfully, they enlisted the help of their female friend, Shraddha Deshpande, who helped them with the saree and even assisted them with makeup, putting up imitation jewellery items, etc.

And all these efforts bore fruits as their subversive act was lauded by students and appreciated by faculty members too.

With society imposing gender roles on us and deciding what to wear, challenging this notion seems like a step in the right direction. What do you think?