New Delhi: Outrage and disgust has taken over Twitter after leaked screenshots of a private Instagram chat group have stirred up a storm over rape culture and women safety in India. Also Read - Shocking: 40-year-old Woman Gangraped by 3 Men in Rajasthan School Premises Where She Stayed During Lockdown

Notably, the Instagram chat group– ‘Boys Locker Room’ consists of teenage boys aged between 15-18 years, from South Delhi primarily, who casually engage in conversations like gangrape, rape and indulge in body-shaming and slut-shaming. More so, they repeatedly objectify girls, morph their images and pass extremely lewd and vulgar comments.

In one of the horrendous screenshots that is going viral, a boy could be seen convincing others to gangrape a girl. Well, more shock follows as the girls being shamed in the said group are all under the age of 18.

The screenshot revealed that the boys, including those who are underage, had made statements, such as – “We can rape her easily” and “I will come whenever you say. We will gang rape her”.

In other leaked screenshots of their chats, they were reportedly discussing taking revenge against the women who exposed them by posting their nudes online.

One of the posts read: Bada feminist banna hain na inko. They’ll know Kaheen muh dikhane layak nahi rahengi” (They really want to be feminists, they’ll know. They won’t be able to show their face anywhere.)

Soon, #boyslockerroom began trending on Twitter with people expressing their anger and disgust at such misogynist behaviour.  Several Twitter users also called for action against the boys.

After the group was busted, many of the listed IG handles have gone unavailable and police intervention is sought in the matter.

The horrifying fiasco puts a serious question mark on the state of education in our country which seems, is not doing much to educate young boys about respecting women. It also sheds light on the rape culture in India which is so pervasive that even boys as young as these have no qualms in uttering trash about women’s bodies.