A 62-year-old Navi Mumbai-based woman, who was declared brain dead, has given a new lease of life to four people. The woman, hailing from Panvel here in Maharashtra, was brought to a private hospital at Belapur in Navi Mumbai on September 26 in a critical condition. Also Read - 'Mother's Body Organs For Sale': Kerala Woman Offers to Sell All Her Organs to Pay Medical Bills of Her Children

She was diagnosed with intracranial haemorrhage and in spite of all the treatment and efforts, she did not recover and was declared brain dead on September 29, the hospital said in a release on Wednesday. Doctors treating the woman counselled her family members following which they agreed to donate her organs.

The hospital doctors then harvested liver, kidneys and lung from the deceased donor. The liver was transplanted to a 39-year-old man from Kolhapur, who was suffering from end-stage liver disease, the Apollo Hospitals said in the release.

The woman’s kidneys were transplanted to two patients from Navi Mumbai, it said. As there was no suitable recipient for lung in Maharashtra, a recipient was found in Chennai through the Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre.

A ‘green corridor’ was subsequently created and the organ was transported from the hospital to Mumbai airport, covering a distance of 30 km in 38 minutes, and then flown in a flight to Chennai, the release said. The hospital thanked the woman’s family for donating her organs and giving a new lease of life to four patients.