Bankers are the people who are usually portrayed to be very serious since they have to deal with digits and clients. Now a banker has broken this stereotype image by dressing up as Spider-Man on his last day at the company in Sao Paulo in Brazil. The guy resigned and for his last day at work, he wore a Spider-Man costume and went to work. The video has taken the internet by storm and we just can’t stop laughing. Also Read - Spider Man Fans Can Now Watch Their Superhero On Disney+ For The First Time - Check Details Here

In the video, the banker is seen interacting with his colleagues and distributing stuff, which we are assuming to be sweets to mark his parting from the company on the last day. The video has received more than two lakh views and is pouring with comments. Also Read - Indonesian Man Dresses Up as Spider-Man To Clean Up Plastic Waste, Urges Others to Do the Same

One user wrote, “Plot twist: He’s your typical old age, unmarried grumpy manager.” While the other wrote, “I wanted him to climb walls and shoot web on his boss.” Also Read - 5-Year-Old Boy Takes Heroin to School, Says Powder Makes Him Feel Like ‘Spider-Man’

People have compared him to original Spider-Man Peter B Parker and some has found it to be Epic.

Watch the video here:

The pictures were shared by his colleague named Walter Costa and the video has also been applauded by the same person on his YouTube channel.

The video has been hailed by many, who said that it is the best way to say goodbye to your fellow colleagues.