With Covid-19 becoming a part of our lives, people across the world are taking several precautionary measures in order to protect themselves from the deadly virus. However, a Brazilian couple went a step ahead and dressed up in spacesuits before stepping out of their homes! Also Read - Coronavirus: After Brazil President Bolsonaro, Bolivian Counterpart Jeanine Anez Tests Positive

Pictures which have gone viral show the couple named Tercio Galdino and Aliceia Lima dressed up in an astronaut costume while out on a stroll in Rio De Janeiro.

Watch the picture here:

According to news agency Reuters, 66-year-old accountant Galdino purchased the suits and made the helmets himself. Though his wife was was initially reluctant to wear the suit in public, she eventually came around to his idea of an ‘adventure in the streets.’

Galdino took this extra precaution as he has reduced lung capacity following a lung disease and said that if the virus hits him, it will be pretty serious.

He says that, in addition to giving him protection against the new coronavirus, they also wear them for fun, as he has a huge interest in astronomy.

Watch them in action here:

Brazil presently has the second-highest number of Covid-19 cases in the world.