Living in a plush apartment in a high-rise is a dream many harbour. There is something very appealing about being able to view the entire city below your balcony. But the dream can also turn into a nightmare, as it happened recently in Brazil. Reportedly, the tallest building in Brazil has rocked from side to side thanks to the fury of the winds. Consequently, lights flickered and water from the jacuzzi in a luxury apartment spilt onto the floor, as captured in a video that has shocked many. The incident was filmed by a resident of the 46-storey residential skyscraper in the southern Brazilian resort city of Balneário Camboriú in Santa Catarina. The height of the building is 580-feet. Also Read - Bizarre! To Tackle Bird Flu, MP Govt Bans ‘Movement of Birds’ in Certain Areas For 3 Months

Woman Discovers Etchings Found by her Father in Dumpster Nearly 20 Years Ago is Worth $10,000

Woman Discovers Etchings Found by her Father in Dumpster Nearly 20 Years Ago is Worth $10,000

Eerie footage of the incident shows the water from the jacuzzi tub overflowing on the luxury apartment’s wooden floor. The woman was clearly terrified by the incident and throughout the video, she could be repeatedly heard saying ‘apagão’. This means ‘blackout’ in Portuguese. In the video, a towel can also be seen lying on the floor, beside the tub. This was possibly an attempt by the woman to mop up the constant water spilling over the edge of the tub. Her efforts, however, were in vain as the rocking of the building led to water spilling over continuously. The woman who filmed the incident can also be heard saying ‘Ooooh! Meu Jesus!’ when a comparatively large portion of the water breaks onto the floor at one go. Also Read - Woman Bites Off Man's Tongue During Violent Street Fight, Seagull Swoops Down & Eats It!

Watch the video here:

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Eventually, water hits the tall windows surrounding one side of the tub and slowly covered the entire apartment. Daily Mail reports that gurgling and rumbling could be heard in the horrifying commotion. The video, which was shared online on Wednesday, has received close to 45,000 views. Millennium Palace has been standing since 2014 and is located on the Avenida Atlântica beside Copacabana Beach. Daily Mail adds that storms are not an uncommon occurrence in Brazil. In March last year, one person was killed and dozens injured when a ferocious storm hit the country’s south.