A new breakthrough has been achieved in the field of detecting breast cancer in its early stages. A teenager from Mexico has developed a ‘smart’ bra integrated with sensors that can detect signs of breast cancer even at its early stages, a step that can save millions of lives. The bra is developed by 18-year-old Julian Rios Cantu of Mexico. The bra is supposed to be worn for only an hour a week so that it does not affect daily life. Equipped with 200 sensors that map the surface of the breast as well as the colour, temperature and texture, the data thus collected is then relayed to a computer or a smartphone app and is further processed by artificial intelligence. The bra is called “auto exploration bra” and it spots early signs of breast cancer. Heat sensors detect blood flow which often suggests that blood is feeding cancer cells.Also Read - Lifestyle Changes And Tips to Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Julian Rios Cantu was inspired to invent the bra after his mother’s breast cancer which resulted in double mastectomy after years of battling with the disease. Detecting breast cancer in patients at an early stage is crucial to its treatment and its halt but often relies on self-examination. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers that plague women across the world. According to the OECD in Mexico, getting a mammogram is difficult and often a harrowing experience with only 9.5 mammography machines per million people. Following Julian Rios Cantu’s invention his company, Higia Technologies has now won the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. The Award carries the hefty prize of $20,000. The company is devoted to boosting women’s quality of life. Also Read - Are Nuts Healthy for Breast Cancer Survivor? A Study Answers

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