We all know how awkward it can get if an ex-lover shows up at your wedding! While some forget the past memories and move on, some others might not be too comfortable with the situation. One such incident happened in Indonesia where a man showed up at the wedding of his ex-girlfriend who then asked for her husband’s permission to hug her former lover.Also Read - This Bride Ditched The Lehenga & Wore a Pantsuit to Her Wedding, Humans of Bombay Shares Her Story | See Stunning Pics

Capturing this moment on camera, the bride posted a video on TikTok showing her ex-boyfriend congratulating her at her wedding. However, when the ex-boyfriend takes his hand out for a ‘salam’, the bride smiles and turns to her husband to ask him if she can hug him. She says “Boleh dipelukkan sekali aja?” which translates to “Can I hug just one time?”

Well, the chill groom had no problem with it and told his to-be wife to go ahead. She gives her ex-boyfriend a hug, while the groom stood there and watched them embrace. After they were done, the ex-boyfriend turned to him to shake his hands too, but the groom went in for a hug too.

Watch the adorable video here:

Well, the video has gone viral and elicited a mixed response. While some people were chill like the groom and saw no problem with just a hug, some others opined that criticise the bride shouldn’t have hugged her ex-boyfriend on her special day

One user said, “Ur husband deserves better, while another added, “That is not allowed, no respect the husband by hugging another man.”

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