London: Every now and then, we hear stories of how drug traffickers around the world adopt bizarre ways to smuggle illegal narcotics from one place to another. However, this incident tops them all! Recently, a British man was caught at Brussels Airport trying to smuggle in cocaine into Belgium, by hiding it inside an artificial penis.Also Read - US Woman Gifts Her Daughter A Doll For Christmas, Stunned to Discover That It Was Stuffed With Cocaine

According to The New Zealand Herald, the plot was uncovered after the man failed a drug test at the airport which made security officials suspicious of him. He was then taken for further examination at a local hospital where it was found that the man had hidden about 127 grams of cocaine in a fake penis.

Upon the discovery, he allegedly told investigators that he intended to use the cocaine for personal use and that he was given them in Jamaica while visiting his mother.

Meanwhile, the prosecutors of the case have demanded a sentence of up to 36 months but his defense team have deemed it too harsh owing to the man’s physical condition.

‘My client has kidney failure and needs to exercise as well as follow a proper diet,’ his lawyer said, according to the report.