New Delhi: A video of a buffalo dancing with its owner as she sings a peppy song has left netizens in splits as they can’t stop sharing the hilarious video on various social media platforms. The viral video shows a woman singing and dancing in front of two buffaloes asking the animals to join in. And, suddenly, one of them starts to jump up and down so excitedly to the music, that even the blanket placed on it falls off as people off-camera can be heard laughing incessantly.Also Read - Elon Musk Replies to Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal's Thread With Poop Emoji, Netizens React With Memes

The video was reportedly shot in Himachal Pradesh, which shows a woman singing a song ‘Dholak bajda’ and dancing. While she does so, she also encourages the buffalo standing next to her to join her as she could be heard saying ‘nach, nach’. Also Read - Viral Video: Man Chops Cabbage With Super Speed, Clip Has Over 14 Lakh Views. Watch

As the video, makes rounds all over the internet, many netizens watching the video, also said that the video has proved the popular Hindi proverb ‘bhains ke aage been bajana’ wrong which means it’s meaningless to play a musical instrument in front of a buffalo. Also Read - Viral Video: Dog Raises 3 Tiger Cubs Abandoned By Their Mother, Netizens Call It Pure Love. Watch

Watch the video here: