This viral video of a rare friendship between an elephant and a buffalo is a must watch for animal lovers. The friendship of this elephant named Ngilai and buffalo Ivia is as special as Jai-Veeru from Sholay. The video was posted by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on Instagram along with a caption which narrates the story behind the special bond of the two animals. In the post, the wildlife trust shared how the elephant and buffalo became best friends despite their obvious differences.Also Read - Viral Video: Baby Elephant Refuses To Wake Up From Nap. Watch What His Mother Did Next

Their story has a sad beginning but a happy ending. Both Ngilai and Ivia are orphans and lost their families at birth. As orphans and lone animals who cannot survive on their own, the duo has found a temporary and loving home until they are ready to be released into the wild. They have also found each other and spend every day playing with each other, just like Jai-Veeru in the song ‘Yeh dosti hum nahin todhenge’. Also Read - After Dalgona, Viral Coffee Trend Of 'Proffee' Is Taking Over The Internet! Check Recipe

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Here’s what the post said:

“An elephant and a buffalo are the best of friends! Yes, there are some obvious differences between Ngilai and Ivia, but they don’t seem to notice. They initially gravitated towards each other because of their shared love of play, but a genuine and extraordinary friendship has blossomed. Not a single day passes without one seeking out the other for fun and games.

Ngilai the elephant and Ivia the buffalo are both orphans. Although they lost their own families as infants, they have found a new life with us. As with every orphan who comes into our care, they will be reintegrated back into the wild when they’re ready – but for now, they’re playing the days away at our Voi Reintegration Unit.”