Dog food manufacturing companies work hard to make dog food more and more delicious for all the dogs out there. But when they say that the dog food has a brand new improved taste, how do they know? Do human taste test the dog food? It turns out yes they do taste test the dog food. In this Buzzfeed video, a bunch of people are trying dog food for the very first time.(ALSO READ: The Buzzfeed group drink their own pee for the first time and their reaction is hilarious!) Also Read - Shocking Medical Apathy: Dogs Found Chewing on Covid-19 Patient's Corpse in Andhra Pradesh Hospital

They start off regretting this decision, but they are game for anything. The bunch of people start off with a meaty ground dinner with chopped beef. Some of them find it revolting, but some of them do love the meat flavour of this particular canned food.(ALSO READ: Watch how these adults reacted after drinking breast milk!) Also Read - Scientists Find Evidence of Covid-19 Exposure in Household Cats and Dogs in Italy

They also try chunks of Purina dog food made up of yellow corn, wheat flour, animal fat, soy flour and bone meal.Followed by Filet Mignon and they end this by having some delicious doggy cupcakes, which actually seem more delicious than regular cupcakes! Watch the video below. Also Read - Dogs Illegally Being Transported to Nagaland to Be Sold As Meat, Enraged Twitter Says 'Stop This Brutality'