India is a country that is well known for the disharmony that exists between people of different communities, and having a very diverse population, it is not difficult for misunderstanding and fights to break out. But there are times when people have learned to put aside their own identities and instead work for the good of all people. Such a person is Imrana Saifi, a Muslim woman, who has been hailed as a corona warrior because of the work she has been doing during the COVID-19 crisis. Also Read - Mumbai Police Get Creative, Warn People to Stay Indoors With Memes of Popular Rock Bands

Imrana, a mother of two and a resident of North Delhi, is a normal person like everybody, but along with fasting for Ramzaan everyday, she also steps out daily with a sanitiser tank to disinfect religious buildings like temples, gurudwaras, churches and mosques in her area. Also Read - Smart Parrot Flies to Freedom After Refusing to Choose Owner or Alleged Abductor

According to NDTV, Imrana, who has her own team of corona warriors, revealed that she has not faced any problems from temple priests or locals for the work that she is doing. In fact, along with welcoming her, the priests have been helping her in her rounds.

Imrana Saifi, who managed to get the sanitiser tank after requesting local authorities, has been praised by many for the work that she is doing.

Many were also not very appreciative of the work Imrana Saifi was doing, but whatever be the case, going out of the house just for a photo op would not have been a very wise decision for anyone.