New Delhi: A video of tea being made with loads of butter at a food stall in Agra is going crazily viral and chai lovers all over the internet can’t just stay calm in showing how offended they are. The video shared by an Instagram page called Foodieagraaaa posted a reel of its famous ‘butter tea’ where in a man can be seen adding an entire 100 grams pack of Amul butter to the tea while its boiling hot.Also Read - Health Benefits of Different Types of Teas

As we have come across various other bizarre food combinations like Kaju Katli with ketchup, maggi with curd, nutella biryani and others in the past, this one has crossed all levels and most possibly is one of the worst nightmare for ever tea lover. Also Read - Tea to The Rescue: Kolkata Police Offers 'Garam Chai' to Tired Drivers to Prevent Accidents at Night

The Instagram page that posted the video is dedicated to the food eaten in Agra and this so-called ‘experiment’ is from Baba Tea Stall near  Rambabu Paranthe Belanganj. Also Read - Why You Should Never Have Tea on an Empty Stomach, Expert Speaks

Watch the video here:

Even though this weird combination has disgusted netizens, this is apparently a popular way of making tea, especially in the extremely cold regions up north. Soon after the video was shared on the social media platform, it has received over 3000 comments and garnered over 251k likes and views.