Going to the barbers was the second scariest thing in childhood, first obviously being the dentist. The thought of scissors slicing into your ears was a nightmare. But here is a barber whom we all needed as kids. Canadian barber Franz Jacob lay on the floor beside an autistic child to make him feel comfortable while cutting his hair. Franz Jacob has several customers with autism and hence understands the little ways to deal with them. After the photo went viral, social media users are praising Franz for going out of his way to making six-year-old Little Wyatte feel at ease.Also Read - Millionaire Overnight! Bihar Barber Hits The Jackpot, Wins Rs 1 Crore in IPL 'Dream Team' Contest

Pakistani Baby with enlarged head undergoes life-saving surgery in US, thanks to a Good Samaritan! (See Pictures)

Pakistani Baby with enlarged head undergoes life-saving surgery in US, thanks to a Good Samaritan! (See Pictures)

The photo garnered attention on social media after Wyatt’s mother shared it on Imgur, an image-sharing platform. The photo shows a tattooed barber lying on the floor next to a little boy while cutting his hair. The picture which was posted on Imgur on October 1 has over 1.5 lakh views and has moved people. Reports suggest that Frank’s phone at his barber shop has not stopped ringing after the picture went viral. CBC quoted Jacob as saying, “I understood that with Wyatt I have to follow him around the salon with my tools to finish the cut. I lock the front door. It has to stay quiet. It’s all part of customer service.” Also Read - 10-Year-Old Boy Bursts Into Tears, Calls The Police After Receiving a Bad & Unsatisfactory Haircut

Here is the photo:

Barber cutting hair of autistic boy

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Hailing Jacob as an “an everyday hero” the boy’s mother said, “He takes care of everything, and I don’t even get involved. It takes a load off my shoulders. Usually, hairdressers sort of panicked when they saw Wyatt arrive, so it was really exceptional to meet Mr Jacob. He welcomes him like his best friend. To see that he accepts these differences is just fantastic. Maybe it will open people’s eyes that there are other ways to approach differences.” Jacob said he also works with people who are seriously ill and wants to have the last haircut.