An Alberta brewery has apologized for unknowingly naming their beer after a Maori word that is commonly used to mean ‘pubic hair’. The Hell’s Basement Brewery, which released the ‘New Zealand hopped pale ale’ two years ago, used the Maori term ‘Huruhuru’ which they believed meant feather, to reflect the light citrus taste of the beer. Also Read - International Beer Day 2020: How The Day Came Into Being And How it is Celebrated

However, earlier this week, Maori former television personality Te Hamua Nikora pointed the error and posted a Facebook video, to explain “huruhuru” was more commonly used in Te Reo Maori to refer to pubic hair.

”Yes I know huruhuru means feather, fur and even hair of the head. I know this. But it is most commonly used as hair from a person’s privates, ” he wrote.

“Some people call it appreciation, I call it appropriation,” he added.

Accepting the mistake, Brewery founder Mike Patriquin said they did not intend to offend anyone and announced that the product will be rebranded.

“We acknowledge that we did not consider the commonplace use of the term huruhuru as a reference to pubic hair, and that consultation with a Maori representative would have been a better reference than online dictionaries,” Mike Patriquin told Canadian network CBC.

“We wish to make especially clear that it was not our intent to infringe upon, appropriate, or offend the Maori culture or people in any way; to those who feel disrespected, we apologize.”