Celina Caesar-Chavannes, MP for Whitby in Ontario, Canada did not come to the House of Commons on Wednesday with her hair open, she had braided them. Well, it was not to “look pretty dope” the MP was showing support for those who have been body-shamed for their type of hair. She addressed the issue of a lot of girls in Canada and around the world who have been shamed or banned from school for their hair type or hairstyle. 

This Curvy Model’s Perfect Reply For Body-Shaming Meme Is Gaining Her International Fame

This Curvy Model’s Perfect Reply For Body-Shaming Meme Is Gaining Her International Fame

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Caesar-Chavannes in the House of Commons said, “Body shaming of any woman in any form from the top of her head to the soles of her feet is wrong. What makes us different makes us unique and beautiful so I will continue to rock these braids.” The 43-year-old MP showed off her braided her in support of the girls who were shamed for something so natural. She also took to her social media to share her body-positivity talk which received praises. Also Read - Sayantani Ghosh Gives Back To User Who Asked Her Bra Size, Asks 'Does The Size Really Matter?'

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Watch Celina Caesar-Chavannes’s speech here:

She further in her speech said, “Most importantly, in solidarity with young girls and women who look like me and those who don’t. I want them to know that their braids, their dreads, their super-curly afro puffs, their weaves, their hijabs, and their headscarves, and all other variety of hairstyles, belong in schools, in the workplace, in the boardroom and yes, even here on Parliament Hill.” And deservingly, her one-minute speech received a standing ovation. There have been several incidents in the past when young girls were banned from school for their hairstyle. Most of them are generally black students who braid their hair.