Locals and conservation officials were left bewildered after a giant 23-metre (75-foot) blue whale washed up near a beach in Indonesia, with curious onlookers thronging the area to have a look.Also Read - Carcass of 36-Foot Whale Washes Up On West Bengal’s Mandarmani Beach, Pictures Emerge

Several pictures and videos of the decaying body of whale that washed up on Na Batu Kepala Beach in Nunhila, has now gone viral on several social media platforms.

Meanwhile, officials have no clue as to how the enormous marine mammal died and washed up on the beach. News agency AFP shared a video of the bloated carcass, while people crowded the beach to see such a rare sight.

“We think that it’s a blue whale but we don’t know what caused its death. It looks like it didn’t die here and may have been deceased for some time,” said local conservation official Lidya Tesa Saputra.

However, before the whale could be brought to shore for an examination to ascertain its death, the giant creature was washed back to sea on Wednesday,

Blue whales are the largest animals in existence, weighing up to 200 tons and growing as long as 32 metres.