Animals as we very well know in India have a mind of their own; we often see cows and buffaloes sitting in between the roads oblivious of the numerous cars and vehicles swarming around them and honking at them. They continue sitting with a serene platitude and chewing away to glory. In a similar circumstance a cat obstinately sat in front of a busy escalator refusing to budge. It displayed such grim determination that the people were forced to change direction and comply by its rules. A video shared on Facebook has gone viral which shows the cat sitting obstinately in front of an escalator and making people circumvent it and go. Apparently, the cat does not care a hoot about passersby. Also Read - Madhuri Dixit Dances To 'Naino Mein Sapna' on Dance Deewane 3, Video Goes Viral | WATCH

The internet is full of adorable cat videos making googly eyes and making us go aww but this cat video is different. This particular cat did not give a fig for anyone’s convenience other than himself. The cat is believed to have emerged from a subway and the presence of the crowd around it did nothing to break its reverie. The cat kept on sitting nonchalantly and the people had to make their own way around it. The video of the cat has gone viral on social media and fetched over 49,000 shares. Elephant Plays Mouth Organ in Coimbatore, Adorable Video Becomes Viral Also Read - Sniffer Dog 'Spike' Part Of Nashik Bomb Squad Given Heartwarming Farewell. Watch Video

Watch the video here:

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The video has become viral on social media and has garnered around 62,000 Facebook likes and more than 4.3 million views. Apparently, people are highly intrigued by this badass cat that doesn’t bother about giving the right of way to pedestrians and has conquered its space atop an escalator.