India has been steeped in gender bias since ancient times. While initially, it was a society free for all, slowly, patriarchy took roots and now, girls are shunned and treated unequal. While the news of the birth of a girl is met with unbridled joy, the news of the birth of a girl is met with sadness. In fact, there are places in India where the doctors themselves apologise if a girl is born! It’s a matter of shame and disgust. Girl children are often either given away after birth or at times even killed! The practice of determining the sex of the baby before birth and even killing the child before it is born is rampant in the country. Infact, girl children are so wanted that the sex ratio between men and women has seriously dipped in the country. Also Read - No Girl Born in 132 Uttarakhand Villages in Last Three Months

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But now, times are changing. Women are slowly rising up for their own rights. People are being made to understand the importance of the girl child. While many have changed their thinking and their thought process, there are others who are still stuck in the past and still believe that a family is not complete if they do not have a male child. The concept of the “heir” and the “khandaan ka naam” takes precedence over everything. A popular Radio Jockey, RJ Naved conducted a social experiment where he was in a lift when he gets a call saying, “It’s a boy!”. He’s ecstatic and passes on the message to people with him in the lift. All are happy for him. But soon, he gets another call saying it was a mistake and it is actually a girl. He then gets dejected and with a long face, informs the same people that it is a girl. How do these people react? Also Read - Andhra Pradesh: Upset Over Birth of Girl Child, Techie Tries to Electrocute Wife in Her Sleep

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Each of those people with him in the lift give him different reactions. But mostly, all of them decide to teach him that no, having a boy is not everything. A girl child is equally blessed and she brings equal joy to the family. We absolutely loved the response the Sardar uncle gave RJ Naved! The social experiment teaches us that despite some of us being stuck in the past and thinking men are everything, there are people who are realising that girls are just as beautiful and no, killing a girl child is not the solution. A child is a child, girl or boy and we need to respect that. Here’s to all the girl children out there who were welcomes with open arms and bright smiles. Go girl!