Trending News: Mexican restaurateurs on Wednesday paid homage to a variety of local sandwiches, by preparing a gigantic “torta” with an array of fillings. Multiple chefs worked together to create a 74 meter (242 feet) long sandwich, which weighed at least 800 kilos (1763.7 pounds), as they aimed to break two local records during an event at the Torta Fair 2022.Also Read - Viral Video: Woman Shows Off Fancy Hotel Room, Slips While Going For a Swim. Watch

Along with looking to break the record for the size of the giant creation, the cooks were also aiming to beat the time it was created in, with officials figures confirming this year’s was finished in 2 minutes and 3 seconds. Also Read - Viral Video: Dancing Dad Ricky Pond Grooves to Priyanka Chopra's Say Na Say Na, Makes Netizens Nostalgic. Watch

Hector Hugo Gomez Ortiz, a sandwich maker who has been taking part in the event for the past 17 years, said he expected to beat both records this year, titles the local judge of the Mexico City Government can grant. Also Read - Viral Video: Angry Cows Run After Man, He Slips And Falls In Water. Watch Hilarious Clip

After it was finished, those watching could take a piece of the sandwich for 35 pesos (1.5 dollars), choosing from the traditional pork, beef, and chicken fillings, or picking a slice of exotic meat ranging from buffalo, crocodile, ostrich and venison.

The whole sandwich was finished off in minutes, but the “Torta Fair 2022” runs from August 3-7.