Adoor (Kerala): In a shocking incident, a man in Kerala was arrested on Sunday after he hatched a chilling murder plot to kill his wife just because he wanted to remarry.Also Read - Stuff of Nightmares! Video of Snake Crawling Inside ATM Machine Will Make You Think Twice About Taking Out Money

The Crime Branch of the Kerala Police arrested Sooraj and his associate for hatching a conspiracy to eliminate his wife Uthara by making a cobra snake bite her. Shockingly, Sooraj and his friend Suresh, a snake catcher, had previously also tried to kill her by getting her bit by the poisonous Russel’s viper, however, she had recovered.

Talking about the case, Hari Sankar, Kollam (rural) SP said, “The first attempt to kill Uthara failed as she recovered after the snake bite. Two days after she was discharged from the hospital, Suraj bought another snake on April 24. He kept it in a container”.

“On the night of May 6, he placed the snake on the bed she was sleeping. The snake bit her twice. He tried to retrieve the snake but failed. The next morning he went out and her mother found her lying unconscious. They took her to the hospital, but was declared brought dead,” he added.

As it was the second time she suffered a snake attack in three months, Uthara’s family raised suspicions and approached the police, following which the case was cracked.

The police also said that money was the actual motive behind the crime as Suraj wanted to take the money and jewelry and marry someone better.

According to the police, Suresh had provided Suraj the snakes. He first provided a poisonous viper for Rs 10,000 and after the first failed attempt, Suresh supplied him a cobra for Rs 10,000.