Beijing: Have you noticed how you need to pee a lot more after drinking beer? Actually, drinking alcohol suppresses ADH production, so your body produces more urine than it normally would and that explains the multiple trips to the bathroom.Also Read - 'His Mental Health Remains a Question': Doctor Finds Mobile Charger in Guwahati Man's Bladder, Latter Had Used it to Masturbate

Whatever be the case, it is advisable not to hold your urine while drinking alcohol as it can lead to complications later and that’s exactly what happened to a man in China. A 40-year-old Chinese man ended up in a hospital with a ruptured bladder after he consumed more than 10 beers and drunkenly slept through the entire day without urinating.

After waking up from his drunken sleep, the man named Hu experienced a lot of pain in his abdominal area and had to be rushed to the Zhuji People’s Hospital in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang. The pain was so intense that he couldn’t even lie flat.

It turned out that the urinary bladder of the man, who stayed in bed for about 18 hours, was torn from 3 parts. The doctors immediately conducted an emergency operation as his bladder damage was due to increased pressure inside the organ.

Following the surgery, Hu is reportedly in a stable condition and recovering at his home.

A report from the hospital said that the bladder in humans is flexible and can expand with the fluids entering the stomach but still has a limited capacity.