A picture is going viral on the internet that social media users say looks like ‘a hut on the moon’. The mysterious picture has even left scientists baffled. China’s Yutu-2 Rover (Yutu 2 Rover) that is on a moon mission seems to have detected a hut-shaped object. This object is visible near the moon’s most remote area, von Karman Crater.Also Read - Elon Musk Congratulates ISRO on Successful Test of Vikas Engine for Gaganyaan Mission

Chinese scientists have dubbed the cube-shaped object ‘mystery hut’. According to space.com, the discovery was made in November, nearly two years after it reached the lunar surface. Also Read - Indian Astronauts to Live Permanently in Space? Gaganyaan is Just The Beginning

So what is this hut-shaped object? Several experts claim that this mysterious figure could be a huge piece of stone. However, this mystery can be uncovered only after the rover approaches the object. Scientists have expressed a keen interest in the object and the rover Yutu 2 is likely to spend the next 2-3 lunar days (equivalent to 2-3 earth months) traversing the lunar region and getting close up shots. Also Read - Indian-American Among 18 Astronauts Selected For NASA's Manned Moon Mission

The solar-powered Yutu 2 and Chang’e 4 lander made the moon’s farthest landing on January 3, 2019. Out of this, Yutu-2 is investigating the Von Karman Crater spread over 186 kilometers on the moon.

Interestingly, the word Yutu has significance in Chinese. Jade rabbit or Yùtù is a rabbit in East Asian folklore that lives on the Moon. In Chinese mythology, Youdu or Yutu is the capital of the underworld.