Jingshan: As the deadly coronavirus continues to spread and claim lives, contracting the virus is probably one of the greatest fears of people all around the world. However, this very fear came to the rescue of a Chinese woman, who was on the verge on getting raped and robbed. On January 31, the woman managed to scare away a potential rapist by coughing and telling him she had just returned from Wuhan.Also Read - Coronavirus: Death Toll in China Rises to 490, WHO Says Virus Can Still be Halted

The incident happened in China’s Jingshan when the victim was asleep and an intruder broke into her home and walked into her bedroom. On hearing the sound, she woke up and screamed loudly, following which the intruder tried to grab her neck, covered her mouth and tried to molest her. Also Read - China Predicts Fall in Mortality Rate as Coronavirus Death Toll Hits 425

The quick-thinking woman then started coughing and told the man: “I just came back from Wuhan and I already have symptoms of an infection so I stayed home and isolated myself.”

Frightened by her claims he ran away, while stealing a phone and cash worth 3,080 (£338) from her. The woman then contacted the police who immediately launched an investigation into the matter.

However, the man turned himself in after officers launched a search to find him and confessed to burglary.

According to Oriental Daily, the 25-year-old intruder who lives in Pingba Township, Chongqing, China, ran away from home after having an argument with his family.