A mysterious health condition has caused a Chinese woman’s stomach to swell up ‘uncontrollably’ to look like a giant balloon, impacting her life greatly. In the past 2 years, 36-year-old Huang Guoxian’s belly has grown uncontrollably and it’s still expanding!Also Read - Mystery Salmonella Outbreak That Infected More Than 400 People in The US is Linked to Red Onions

Notably, Huang, who is a mother of two, weighs 121 pounds but her belly’s contribution is 44 pounds which is almost 36% of the total body weight.

A resident of the village of Dazhi of Songqi Town outside the city of Anshun, she told Guizhou Urban Daily that the huge mass makes it impossible for her to sleep, walk or look after her children.

She further said that she is often mistaken for a pregnant woman with twins or triplets on the bus, and the gigantic mass has made her temperamental.

She started suffering from the condition about two years back and sought medical help following which the doctor gave her medicines. Though the pain was gone, her stomach continued to expand.

Later she visited many hospitals in the hope of getting treated. Doctors told her that she has liver cirrhosis, ovarian cancer, as well as an abnormal buildup of fluid in the abdomen and chest. However, they were not able to find exactly what was causing her stomach to swell up.

Extremely troubled by this ailment, she has now made a plea through social media to raise £3,290 to get her condition diagnosed and treated.

She told Guizhou Urban Daily: ”I used to do homework very quickly, but now my big belly has seriously impacted my normal life. My two children are still young. Their grandmother and grandfather are helping to look after them now. I hope to recover and become healthy as soon as possible.’