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The world may be facing a lot of terrible situations. Everything from global warming, over population, pollution have been haunting the world since a decade or more, but we all try to cope with them and live our lives normally. There are many things which helps us cope with our daily life and chocolates and all their forms are one of the things which keeps us going. But a recent survey suggests that the world is going to face a terrible chocolate supply crisis as cocoa growing area is facing terrible crisis while demand is on the rise. The chocolate market is an 80 billion dollar industry. Although 3.5 million tonnes of chocolates are produced every year, the demand is on the rise while the supplying African countries are facing terrible livelihood problems. The survey says that by 2020 the world would face chocolate crisis. Also Read - Naagin 5 September 20, 2020 Written Update: Jay Along With Mayuri To Kill Adi Naagin?

What will happen about the same saying, “Life is like a box of chocolates” will they have to replace it with something equally famous among all age groups. Chocolates have helped each one of us in some or the other time in our life. At times as a good snack, certain times as a stress buster, chocolates seem to help everyone daily. But have you ever thought of a world without chocolates? Well, the thought itself is scary. If there were no chocolates from the beginning of the world or may be our lives, it would have been a different scenario. But when suddenly someone is deprived of one among their ‘most loved things’ it would be a bit difficult to handle. Here are top five things you would not have an answer to or have to find a substitute if the world ran out of chocolates. Also Read - Naagin 5 September 19, 2020 Written Update: Veer-Bani Get Married, Bani to Take Revenge For Jay's Death

What will you bribe people with?

Every time you get a glass of water for your brother, help your mother with the household chores, helped your best friend meet his crush, there is a gift you asked in return. Yes, you guessed it right, it is chocolate! But imagine is this chocolate crisis is going to happen for real and the world would be chocolate deprived what is the easiest return gift you can ask people for? Well, I can’t think of an equally good and worthy enough option.

What will you gift people?

Chocolate is the most loved and easiest gift usually given to people. People not only love the gift but cherish it with a lot of love. Be it Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, birthday or just another day, chocolates automatically brings smile on people’s face. But without chocolates we will have to shift to another sweet things-may be cupcakes or cookies? But the craving for chocolate can neither be replaced with anything milder or anything great.

No more chocolate facial

A bar of chocolate is enough to set your mood right, but nothing will give you that soothing effect on your skin other than a chocolate facial. Chocolate pastes and scrubs does the right job to your tanned skin giving it the back your skin’s right texture. With no chocolate, women will have to settle pearl, diamond or gold facial.

What about chocolate fountains

Remember resisting yourself on seeing chocolate fountains and then finally indulging yourself in the royal treatment. Well, with the new crisis, you may not have to divert your attention on seeing chocolate fountains. But the fountains will be missed terribly.

What will girls do during depression?

There is nothing other than chocolate that sets right the mood for any girl other than chocolates. Chocolate helps in releasing serotonin and dopamine, which is a feel-good hormone that makes your mood right. This is why you feel good everything you eat a dark chocolate and in the process becomes addicted to it. Then it is texture, smell and flavour of the  chocolate which is similar to caffeine that makes you feel good.