Los Angeles: At a time when the entire world is practicing ‘social distancing’ in the wake of coronavirus, seems like American model Chrissy Teigen too is spending a lot of time indoors and cooking delicacies to keep herself  entertained. That’s why Teigen, on Sunday announced to her fans that she is set to try her hands in making the Indian dessert ‘gulab jamun’. Also Read - John Legend's Wife Chrissy Teigen Calls Out Person Clicking Her Pictures While Breastfeeding

Saying that she is very excited for it, Teigen took to Twitter and asked her fans and followers for tips. Also Read - American Model Chrissy Teigen Hits Back at Trolls Like a Pro on Topless Breastfeeding Photo

“Tomorrow I will be making my first gulab jamun, very excited for that. So. Yeah. that’s pretty exciting. If u have tips let me know, if you don’t know what it is just google it I don’t care,” Teigen tweeted.

Given that gulab jamun is extremely close to our hearts, Indians on Twitter didn’t leave this opportunity to show off their culinary skills and sent a lot of tips. Indian-American actor Kal Penn also replied to Teigen’s tweet.

He said: “Oooooh this is tite. Only tip: some (garbage) people put a cashew or almond in the middle of each one, which ruins it, so I’d say don’t do that.”

Here are some other reactions:

The model later took to Twitter to say that she was glad that she asked for tips.