Brushing away our mid-week blues like no other happier content on the Internet today, a video is currently breaking the Internet and smearing it with much needed positive vibes. Meet two-year-old Grey, the most polite and well-behaved kid from Washington. Also Read - Rashami Desai Shows Sizzling Dance Moves in The Hottest Video on Instagram Today - WATCH

Grabbing eyeballs on the Internet courtesy his OG cute videos shared on TikTok by his mom, Linda Meeker, the toddler has turned into quite a sensation. Realising that viewers and followers are not available on TikTok, Linda started sharing his videos on Instagram and the digital world has never been the same. Also Read - 4-Year-Old Rajasthan Boy Who Fell Into 90-Foot-Deep Well Rescued After 16 Hours, Video Goes Viral | Watch

Among his most gush-worthy videos is the one where he is seen courteously saying the three magical words to his mom with a cute head wiggle. Every time his mother handed him a plate of scrumptious food, he babbled, “Thank you, Mama”. Compliling the clips of his innumerable gratitudes in a video, Linda shared it with the caption, “My sweet little thankful boy. I realize many of you here aren’t on tiktok, so I’ll start posting these here as well #greyandmama (sic)” Also Read - Hundreds of Israelis Chant 'Om Namah Shivaya', Pray For India's Recovery Against Covid | Watch

Speaking to Motherly Inc, Linda shared, “Grey is super polite, with everything. He says please and thank you when he needs help with his toys, when he gets water, even when he has to potty! But he’s also 2…so there are definitely still times that I remind him to be polite!”

Is this the cutest thing on the Internet today or is this the cutest thing on the Internet today!