Chudail or witches or Banshee are commonly heard horrifying figures known to us all. But what happens when the chudail or the female spirit is captured on camera for real? Well, do not be a bundle of nerves as a photo of ‘chudail’ from Hyderabad in Pakistan has gone viral on the internet. It shows a scary female ghost in white, scaring the social media buffs from India and Pakistan. The scare-fest began with Faakhir Mehmood, a famous Pakistani singer posting a picture of ‘churail’ on Facebook. It started a huge discussion, with some rubbishing the authenticity of the original photo while some seemed scared by the picture of the ghostly avatar. UNBELIEVABLE! Ghost caught on camera in Bhangarh! (Watch video). Also Read - We Need to Build a Bunch of Pacers for T20 World Cup and Other Series: Waqar Younis

Anything and everything related to supernatural elements get us hooked to the news. It becomes even more dramatic when the term ‘real’ picture or incident is attached to the story. Hence, when a photo of horrifying ‘chudail from Hyderabad’ was posted by Faakhir, it was bound to catch the attention of majority. The pic shows an alien figure, definitely not human sitting at a height probably on the walls with the crowd clicking pictures in the middle of the night of the rare (read: questionable) existence. Ghost in white saree scares people on Delhi streets: Watch funny video. Also Read - Over 2.34 Lakh Corona Cases, 1,341 Deaths in Last 24 Hours: India's Covid Crisis Deepens | 10 Points

Faakhir captioned the viral picture of chudail as: “Can someone verify? The supposed picture of CHURAIL captured by many people in the middle of the night in Hyderabad.” This post definitely at first will make your skin crawl, till you decide to activate the logical side of your brain. There are too many accounts of individuals claiming to have had an encounter with mystical elements, popularly called as ghosts of dead people. While many brushes aside such claims as a fragment of the imagination but some individuals stand by their stories. Also Read - Nirav Modi's Extradition Approved by UK Home Minister Ahead of Boris Johnson's India Visit

As for the amount of scare of this chudail photo drew on the social media, we don’t think so. The comments section was full of hilarious potshots taken at the supernatural being. The comments featured the cliché ‘woman with no make-up’ to the chudail being a first in history who is enjoying the amount of attention and in fact giving the perfect pose for best pictures. While the authenticity of this viral picture is yet to be substantiated, the chudail has brought together the Indian and Pakistani netizens – joined in fear and laughter.