With multiple religions, cultures, caste and sects, India is known as the land of spirituality for all the right reasons. With celebrations like Kumbh Mela, the country and its relation to Gods is quite clear. With crores of Gods and beliefs relating to it, people are quite sensitive regarding religions. Touching on something so light will be dealing with the beliefs of crores of Indians. But when American news channel, CNN tweeted a teaser of its video for Reza Aslan’s show called Believer in which they called Varanasi ‘the city of the dead’, Indians did not take it lightly. Following the tweet, Indians slammed CNN on Twitter for their ‘ignorance’. Some claimed that United States President Donald Trump’s fake news dig at the news channel wasn’t off the mark. Their tweet read, “It’s known as the city of the dead. @rezaaslan takes you inside on the new CNN series #Believer. Starts Sunday at 10p ET. @CNNOriginals.”Also Read - In a First, Devotees at Kashi Vishwanath Temple to Wear Use & Throw Khadi Slippers

According to CNN, the new show is about, “spiritual adventure series, renowned author and religious scholar Reza Aslan immerses himself in the world’s most fascinating faith-based groups to experience life as a true believer”, according to the CNN website.” The phrase ‘City of the Dead’ received a lot of backlash from Indians. Historians to authors and many commoners came forward to say that Varanasi is not dead. Many also asked the news channel to apologise and rectify. CNN anchor breaks down in front of camera while reporting on injured Syrian kid Also Read - Sweet Surprise: PM Modi Gifted THIS to Kashi Vishwanath Dham Workers After Learning of Temple Rule

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And here is what Indians told them:

CNN could have referred to Varanasi as the city of the dead as Hindus consider the city as holy. As per Hindu religious beliefs, dying in Varanasi or Kashi will help one attain enlightenment.