Mumbai: On Monday, actor-comedian Vir Das shared a video where he is engaged in a verbal spat with a neighbour, who reportedly sneezed on him for not wearing a mask while standing at his own doorstep and not following social distancing.Also Read - Vir Das Starrer Netflix Series ‘Hasmukh’ in Legal Trouble For Allegedly Defaming Lawyers

In the video that’s gone viral, the man is seen charging at the comedian, even threatening to slap him, saying “Don’t laugh I’ll give you one blo**y slap” and further says that he wishes his dead parents would ‘haunt’ Das.

Vir Das posted the video on Twitter with the caption, ”Lockdown Neighbour. I was giving my friend Kavi who lives three houses down from me some dinner. We were waiting for it to get cooked 15 feet away from each other. Me on my doorstep, him out. This happened.”

Explaining what had happened, Das said he was helping his friend, who lives three houses away from him, by providing him dinner during the lockdown when the incident happened.

He said the duo waited for the dinner to get cooked 15 feet away from each other, with Das being on his doorstep and his friend being outside.

Many people including various celebrities supported Das and appreciated him for staying calm and called out the unruly neighbour:

On Monday morning, Das released another statement to express his gratitude and apologised to his followers that his “personal drama” showed up on their screens.

The actor claimed that the man in question has been harassing him, his wife, his staff and many people in his housing society for “eight months”.