Condom companies are known for coming up with new and innovative ideas of advertising their products. however, the latest experiment by condom makers has received a lot of criticism online for being unnecessarily confusing. A condom from Consent Condoms that was shared with college students during a seminar on safe sex had the words “Go further without consent” with the symbol of a donut (read do not) and left many people very angry. Being labelled as the ‘rape condom’, the ad received a lot of flak from angry netizens who felt that the wordplay in a pack of condoms was unnecessary. Also Read - New 'Consent Condom' Requires 2 People to Open, Twitterati Criticise Saying it Won’t Prevent Rape

The condom was actually designed as a ‘consent condom’ that promotes asking for permission and decided to have a little fun with the designing. However, the pun was not really appreciated by the majority as people rightly pointed out that people in a drunk state could easily misinterpret the message and may promote rape. While the message of the company was ‘donot Go further without consent” the doughnut on the pack was easily overlooked by a majority. This major design flaw has made the condom company’s advertisement a total fail.

While the new design of the Consent Condom packs was released back in July, the ad came under the scanner after students from colleges received these condoms after their safe sex class. People began to highlight how the ad is being misinterpreted by many and the pictures of the condom packs went viral. While a few genuinely found the idea of wordplay in the condom packs hilarious, others highlighted everything that was wrong with the ad and the underlying issue.

When puns are no longer fun

Staring into nothingness

Not At All

The meaning is too deep

Some were extremely angry

The social media is confused on whom to blame for this horrendous blunder. While the company actually meant to make some funny packaging options for their condoms promoting consent, the end result, unfortunately, did not match the expectations. What is your take on the ‘donut’ ‘do not’ situation? Donut refrain from sharing your opinions in the comments section!