Faisalabad: While it’s extremely essential for citizens to wear face masks and observe social distancing guidelines in a Covid-19 world, there have been several instances where policemen have gone into overdrive, using force and violence to teach detractors a lesson.Also Read - How Bizarre! Donkey Arrested On Charge of Gambling in Pakistan, FIR Also Filed Against It

In another such shocking story of police excess, police and the district administration in Pakistan’s Faisalabad, have been using high-frequency shock on people for not wearing protective face masks or for violating other standard operating procedures. Also Read - Pakistan Journalist Praises Yogi Govt's Handling of Covid-19 Crisis, Says 'Uttar Pradesh Did It Right'

Apart from giving electric shocks to people, other punishments also include standing in the sun for half an hour and a slap from a policeman.

According to Gulf News, the police is now facing criticism as many people have complained about this insensitive initiative.

“They are not even sparing the minors or those who are traveling with their families or with children on motorbikes or auto-rickshaws,” said Irshad, a resident of Ghulam Muhammadabaad.

Another person, who was was traveling with his 15-year-old son on a motorbike to get medicines for his wife, was hit with the electric shotgun.

“It was such a sudden shock and so painful that for a few seconds I felt like I was dying. They not only inflicted the shock on me but also did the same to my son,” he said.