On Thursday, netizens got their dose of life hack after business tycoon Anand Mahindra shared a DIY technique of making a face mask. The global outbreak of COVID 19 (Coronavirus) has led to a shortage of face masks in many places around the world. As a result, people are unable to buy masks to protect themselves. Anand took to Twitter to share a hilarious yet jugaad video and captioned it as, “Voila. No more shortage of masks?? And I thought Indians were the masters of jugaad!” Also Read - Chinese Scientists Discussed Weaponising Coronavirus Five Years Before Pandemic: Report

Coronavirus has spread to at least 114 countries and territories on six continents, infecting more than 118,000 people and killing more than 4,200. The vast majority of infections and deaths have occurred in mainland China, where authorities placed a region of 60 million people under lockdown to contain the pathogen. Also Read - Amitabh Bachchan Contributes Rs 2 Crore Towards Covid-19 Care Facility in The Capital

The video, which is doing rounds on the internet, shows a woman making a DIY facemask out of simple tissue paper and a rubber band. She takes a square piece of a white tissue paper and folds it in a fan-like shape. She then takes two rubber bands and fastens them at either side of the tissue with a stapler. Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Feels She Will Not Last More Than a Week After Instagram Deletes Her Post Threatening To Demolish Covid-19

Watch the video here:

Replying to Mahindra’s tweet, a Twitter user wrote, “Sir.. this Idea was long back displayed on TikTok by an Indian…so.. Indians are still masters of jugaad”. Anothe rone wrote, “Please no! That doesn’t work. We are talking about sizes in microns! Please don’t promote jugaad! We as a country should move away from jugaad! Jugaad leads to complasency , incompetence! And no desire to strive to be the best!”

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