As human beings we do go through periods of stress occasionally, but when a situation like the coronavirus pandemic arises, we are left feeling anxious all the time. And it cannot be an easy time for the doctors, nurses, health care providers and police who have to deal with such situations directly. While we look for ways to unwind, the Assam Police has found the perfect way to beat the blues.Also Read - Stuff of Nightmares: No Need to Travel as Museums Share Their Creepiest Exhibits Online

A video that was shared by the Nagaon Police on its Facebook page, shows the dedicated officers, who were still working hard at their desks at 9 PM, take a two-minute break to perform a Bihu dance. Also Read - No Travel Due to COVID-19? Then Virtually Visit Museums World Over From The Comfort of Your Home

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The video has won hearts and earned around 11,000 likes on Facebook, with most commenting on the great work being done by the police. One person wrote, “Great work culture of our Assam Police, to whom we rebuked them in various situations. This break is needed to do so hard work. Salute to Assam Police.”

Another said, “Well done Nagaon Police. Whatever uniform we put on, there is a human being inside it. He is not free from culture and tradition, family and friends, pleasure and amusement, sorrow and sufferings. We are with you our real heroes, we are definitely smiling with your smile and dancing along with you to celebrate Bihu. Happy Bihu to all of you.”

In India, the death toll due to COVID-19 rose to 652 and the number of cases climbed to 20,471 on Wednesday.