The coronavirus scare has emptied out most stores of essential goods like masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc., though no one knows how useful some of the items would be in protecting a person from the deadly virus. The advice not to visit crowded places is very much at the forefront, but what would you do if your job entails driving a cab with more than 10 individuals coming in and out of it in a day? Well, one cabbie got creative and created his perfect isolation pod out of a plastic sheet. Also Read - Pandemic Means Every Person on Earth is Prone to COVID-19

A video of the driver sitting cosily in his plastic cocoon was shared by Instagram user @phildoeshair from New York with the caption, “My Lyft driver created this airtight seal in his car. If anyone out there is doing Lyft or Uber for work, you may consider doing this to protect yourself and others. Just wanted to post this so you can see how one guy is helping keep himself and others safe.” Also Read - IFRC, UNICEF, WHO Issue Guidance to Protect Children, Schools From COVID-19

As the post went viral, most reacted positively to what the cab driver did, others were of the opinion that it would not help him and would instead hamper his driving. One Instagram user commented, “Can you blame him? He’s in contact with a lot of people daily.” Another user wrote, “I definitely need this. Hey whatever works!”

The World Health Organization (WHO) had declared the virus to be pandemic, which means that nearly every human being on Earth is now susceptible to coronavirus (Covid-19). With over 4500 people having lost their lives and over 100,000 affected globally, it is not uncommon that most would panic.