Washington: He may have recovered from the deadly coronavirus, but the hospital bill left him reeling in shock. Yes! A 70-year-old man in the US, who nearly died from the coronavirus, was taken aback after he was given a whopping USD 1.1 million (over Rs 8.14 crore) bill for his medical expenses. Also Read - Twitter Alleges Bill Gates Wants to 'Control Population' by 'Systematic Poison' of COVID-19 Vaccines, Trends #ExposeBillGates

The man named Michael Flor thought he wouldn’t survive, so he called up his wife and kids to say good-bye, but he managed to pull through while being treated at Swedish Medical Center in Issaquah, the Seattle Times reported. He was admitted on March 4 and stayed for 62 days.

He was finally discharged on May 5 only to receive a 181-page bill totaling $1,122,501.04!

The bill includes: $9,736 per day for the intensive care room, nearly $409,000 for its transformation into a sterile room for 42 days, $82,000 for the use of a ventilator for 29 days, and nearly $100,000 for two days when his prognosis was life-threatening.

“I opened it and said ‘holy [bleep]!’ “ Flor says.

Michael Flor battled with coronavirus for 62 days at Swedish Issaquah, making him the longest coronavirus patient at the hospital.

Flor has a Medicare Advantage insurance policy that normally covers all charges after the roughly USD 6,000 deductible, the paper reported.

Flor said he was surprised by his own reaction to beating the coronavirus.

“I feel guilty about surviving,” he said. “There’s a sense of, ‘why me?’ Why did I deserve all this? Looking at the incredible cost of it all definitely adds to that survivor’s guilt.”

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